Warehouse Management

  Our warehouse systems and processes ensure high operational efficiency. Companies in the healthcare, High-Tech, automotive, retail and other industries rely on us to manage their warehouse operations as part of an integrated logistics management solution. As a full-service logistics provider, we give you the precise combination of warehousing, transportation and value-added services needed for maximum flexibility.

Supply Chain Management

  Supply Chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information and finances as the cargo moved from supplier to manufacturer, to wholesale, to retailer, and to consumer. Your supply chain is critical and influential component of your overall business strategy.

  Focusing on cost reducing and high efficiency, Sea Air R Logistics is here to help you to define, recommend, and set realistic supply chain strategies based on your organizations operations, resources, and other capabilities.

Dangerous Goods Freight

We are able to transport all classes of dangerous goods across our global network via air, sea, road and rail.

  At Sea Air R Logistics we transport all classes of dangerous goods across our global network, subject to carriers’ acceptance, adhering to rigorous standards to ensure the health and safety of staff and the general public. While restrictions exist for transporting dangerous goods via our air freight network, we have the capability to handle all classes of dangerous goods, moving your consignments across the globe via our sea, rail and road networks.

Why choose Sea Air R Logistics for moving dangerous goods?

• We are fully certified to carry dangerous goods via our road, air, rail and sea networks in accordance with IATA.
• Specialty consignment notes that identify special freight to help staff in identify specific items
• We employ fully accredited and certified staff able to train you and your staff in IATA DG standards
• We provide one-stop turnkey dangerous goods solutions for your cargoes (packaging, labelling, document, classification).

  As well as transporting dangerous goods across our networks, we have the capability to store your dangerous goods at key facilities around the globe.Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will find a logistics solution to match.